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Ends on 11th
-Please Read if your Interested- :33

1st 1000:points:
2nd 500:points:
3rd 250:points:
4th + 5th 100:points:

If i get over 25 people entering AND uploading their entrys then the prizes will DOUBLE. HOLY SHIT THATS A LOT OF POINTS.

Right, basically i just wanted to do another contest since my old ones did kinda good and obviously now i have way more people to present this too 8I.
So anyway.
What i am looking for and asking for in your entry is nothing specific really- I simply want you to draw a picture with YOUR CHARACTER(S) WITH KATE (my fursona) / CALISUS (fag)  or Marcus (datass)

-What im looking for-

If you want to draw your entry with KATE:
:bulletgreen: Seriously do watever the hell you want :I i dont care, draw your character ripping her head of for all i care. This option is COMPLETELY open. There are few exceptions- im sure you'll figure it out, just remember she is technically me :I (so behave yourselves)

If you want to draw your entry with CALISUS:
:bulletred: Yet again- not to botherd about what you do however please do not draw anything kissy or.. stuff like that :I. Id sooner you drew him performing a strip-tease with someone than making out with them.. idk im wired like that Apart from that do whatever you like vuv hes a whore anyways. this option if for people who wanna draw Fangirly/boy-y type shit or sexy shit BI go for it people. you know you want to.

If you want to draw your entry with MARCUS:
:bulletpink: NOTHING LOVEY. This option is for people who wanna draw somthing badass or somthing violent. He's always getting the crap beaten out of him anyways so i dont really care. JUST NOTHING LOVEY. HES NOT ON THE MENU. >8I

Kate - (Shoes are optional, make somthing up if you have to :I) 
.:KATE:. by RikuSonicShadow.:Flag England:. Kate by DarkKittySucker 

Calisus - 
Goggles by KantaJunkageCOMM - Calisis Novak by LoversGenocideCalisus Nude Ref by RikuSonicShadow

Marcus The Ice Dragon by Snowblind-Monubone


:bulletgreen: To enter you must do the following, failure to do so will result in disqualification :I bitch please you have been warned.
:bulletred: You must comment on this Journal saying you will enter, following a link to your own journal where you have featured the contest. (This is simply so that more people join and the prizes increase :3)
:bulletred: In your comment please also say who you are going to include in your entry (Kate/Calisus/Marcus)
:bulletred: Post your entry to the journal, NOT NOTE, NOT SKYPE, HERE.
:bulletred: Wait to se if you win :I
See? not to hard now is it :'I
-More Ditails-
x Please make the pic fully colored
x Doesn't have to be full body
x You can enter more than one entry (Wont make you more acceptable to win but WILL pull my attention towards you more)
x Please make sure you forward this journal. Goddammit people im doing this for you 8I i dont WANT to double the prizes- XDD


Seems simple enough vuv So if you wanna join please tell me NOW, NOT WHEN YOUVE MADE YOUR PICTURE. And ill add you to the list of waiting entrys ^^ thank you<3


Judges: :iconrikusonicshadow:




 - :contest entry: sonic oc : Kate and Jazzmin - meet by Jazz-M-Ink:contest entry: sonic oc : Calisus - Dat way by Jazz-M-Ink



''Have a drink.'' by Snowblind-Monubone


Deadline: -not decided yet, after i finish school and then my 20 day holiday in turkey probably<3-

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babygurlpolly Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there. I was just here to let you know that I'm hosting a contest for 8000 points c: .

If you don't want to join then its fine I completely understand but if so then here is the journal >w<
EmoJACKrigby Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
just saying you have hast characters
UItraviolent Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Shade5069 Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Student Writer
Wow I just stared at that picture and listened to "Now that were men" and wow.... my life has changed forever
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